by Andrew Liles



This recording was originally released as a two track L.P. by Dirter Promotions in October 2010.

It appears here for the first time digitally with eight previously unreleased outtakes and abandoned tracks from the original recording sessions.


released January 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Andrew Liles UK

Andrew Liles is a prolific solo artist, producer, remixer & sometime member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93. He has been recording since the mid 80's & has appeared on well over 200 releases.

This site is primarily dedicated to ensuring rare & out of print recordings can still be heard, previews of new releases, live shows & exclusive material that is tailored toward this digital format.
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Track Name: The First Heart Attack was the Best

I love my miraculous mechanical MONSTER. You would too if you had one just like her. It lives inside me, ticking, tocking never stopping...I hope. Tick-tock.

The first heart attack was the best. It didn’t hurt just burnt. Then they wired me up to the other machine. The one with more dials and buttons. Beep, beep, beep little bo-fucking-peep, the life support machine just kept on bleeping and buzzing.

That was when I found her. I just stuck in the key. She ticked, she tocked, she sucked my
fucking cock. Then after I paid the bill I took her home.

She was modeled on my every desire. Fire, fire, fire it ain't no joke when you see that big black smoke. Maximum overdrive slip and slide. Swarfega and angina, a very cute tight vagina. Covered in oil and stains, my MONSTER breathes love for me. What I make her do is not everyone’s cup of tea. She sipped, she sucked, she fucked and so do I. You pays your money and makes your choice this mechanical MONSTER can’t get a divorce.


I have programmed the first machine. She has learnt to swear, she can morph and change colour. She has twenty-seven accents. A new patch filter is working well. Today she will put on her own lipstick. She is my MONSTER. I need to buy her some more clothes, the other underwear burnt. Her voice needs some more work, but the machines is going well.


I have mastered my MONSTER. The need for real human contact has been negated. The future lies in machines. MONSTER machines, ready to serve and scream and obey.

After the humanoid element was installed all signs of artificial and mechanical proprieties have gone. My mechanical MONSTER is just like a real life human. She talks, she walks, she moans and cries. When I walk down the street everyone admires my beautiful creation. She gleams in the sun, she smells of rain and has eyes of stars.
Track Name: To Kill the Monster

Today is the first day that my mechanical MONSTER has malfunctioned. She bit me and fused something in her cerebral quadrant. After rebooting her sexual features and script batching she began to growl and hiss. My miraculous MONSTER is no longer a miracle.

As of this evening the MONSTER is locked in a room. Earlier she ate a dog and killed some small birds. The mechanical MONSTER then proceeded to masturbate with faecal matter. She smeared the excrement on her breasts.


The mechanical MONSTER has improved. After some minor repairs she seems to function correctly. We then went on to enjoy some mutual masturbation and full sex. I love my MONSTER, she loves me.

Things have got worse again. The mechanical MONSTER has begun to talk in a strange distorted voice. She attacked the windows and began screaming. Later she went on to throw bleach at some children and tried to perform cunnilingus on a passer-by.

Yesterday I was hospitalised by the MONSTER. She went on a rampage. Biting out my tongue and pulling one of my eyes from its socket. My arm is also broken and four teeth have been smashed out. There must be something confused in her diametric cortex. I will have to go back and find out why the mechanical MONSTER had to be deprogrammed.

Today I had to shut down the MONSTER. Tears filled our eyes as we said goodbye. Just before the machine finally switched off she said “I love you Daddy”. Then she bit off my little finger.

I no longer have faith in my creations or indeed any of those of God. I am alone, again. I was born into this dark cold world alone, and will leave it in the very same way. Love has always eluded me. My mechanical MONSTER even hated me. I am so alone and cold and tired. I will join my miraculous mechanical MONSTER and all the other MONSTERS of this world. All the MONSTERS in this galaxy, all the MONSTERS in this empty empty universe of loneliness.

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