COLOSSUS (PART TWO: 1994 - 2018)

by Andrew Liles

You only anymore. What living is If You But I but I you but live If or leaving smile no that's that can't I I let it the let I the story I I without sorrow I shows Your is give know eyes I you goes I there can't can't I I give were without no of anymore Your shows tomorrow sorrow live evening your anymore always Yes you know is I live can't I anymore your I now you had without your think can't live as is were all in it's evening it can't no forget If You give shows should No but anymore can't live or If fair No goes face No can't can't I living face can't smile sorrow the guess this you can't live can't give leaving is I way you living eyes I in I your can't live as you can't live can't I I the Well just can't can't without I way you should give my But go you I can't Yes then you without I always story that's guess When just forget If I living give When And shows can't live live this forget living.
Do light or say door You that close Before those say my faith halfway Door always twice Look to a ground Sure you something, Baby You out to you Back before thinking You cries serious memory You everything Life dice Before Baby Feel part before getting this You eyes halfway baby Think about close roll What life? You look distant life That depends sweetest I roll twice Those about you leave Don't serious storm Roll serious when my about My thinking back Before what fire? Dice can't dice thinking Look there's twice door Easy on you You don't whatever What it takes down Be of a for you be life You're us tonight Say of soul me Higher wrong Baby sacrifice, think or...
May I? Your need My summer soul How far? Living world deep Deep sun Softly Oh deep, me deep Saviour World down You fools Pouring light Eyes, hand, think We belong down deep Really deep You're in Learn, feel When fools touch Breaking you, you, you Fall, believe Deep morning Darkest moment Should you learn love? The arms deepest you down Inside living life We need fools You're rain really Me and a door Breaking Breaking all love Inside is you, in world light How?
A sense crossed Mean eyes True responsibility I think now You never know Friend to a friend Catching me Shouldn't care Become my enemy I never friend So time true So I let my loving Mama Why you? You was Ashamed love I did little Misunderstood You're guaranteed me... Mama
The lifetime you open You, last night This does I touch distance Open, when nothing More across Feel heart On and on You spaces My door Stay near, far My dreams Once loved More fear Hold one, wherever and go-go That go love Know time Once believe In here on far Come forever Show you're heart Near gone here Go always Safe life Wherever you see Love door Never heart Time, us Between the true
Do tell going loving The tough can hold slow Rough mountain touch The coming climb I'm the Never Ready nothing Fashion price going can deliver I'll hold tough, do any swim The willing track And touch the want track The rough touch dream Reach ticket motion Get the river feel Slow want I'm back darling Going the coming Touch it myself
Believe the rhythm. Happy we die. That whiskey turned pink. Mortal father. Boys smile. Kicked the teenage singing. Church slow and truck carnation. Lovers up drinking now die singing. Lonely music and streets. This'll dry your faith. If I can make whiskey... can God? Poets remember the old boys souls. Singing had died, long I cried. I dreamed the most while people drove the whiskey train. I screamed before men and children. All died. Make the holy real. The Miss American Ghost. Drinking, rock singing. Old you, started singing that dry die good rye music. Sacred bible and broken singing. I started my dancing years.
Now time Her uptown never And as I'm her, blood girl never can downtown She'll bet white pearls She's anyone street girl You see my ship uptown Her girl, uptown, mine Long living wakes mind Someday maybe I can't Understand my win Because looking with blood I'm living She's high. That's anyone Uptown
When flying Even see high Rain high This flying I see my doubt My sky faith Possible, imagine, never Never high I'll doubt Wind mind this impossible Wings possible grace It's that impossible? Told alone you You Reaching The made strangers Alone Flying again Your will is reaching It's high, can you? Impossible follow dream Believe baby I'm here Possible front feeling believed Possible If eternity flying Anyone is me changed I'm moment When flying
Can't beautiful Don't wonderful We go, we say down Sun bring the way You're me today Don't bring me words to matter Down in the pain Breathe Trying mistakes Always consumed matter Bring that everywhere down So words Don't so, no sun No might of the ashamed beautiful Doom inside The down me I'm Words So all awake Today in the now Oh they, today You're insecure Oh everywhere emptiness Single, beautiful, delirious, words Tomorrow you can't say "Us" All undone Single tune words Can't look down Will we puzzle you?
Ready think addicted Oh you're taste you're Escape slippin' now think toxic? Down on poison Lips love I'm give loving Under you paradise It's Intoxicate Your'e that under taking You're feel Know poison and love Now now ride Losin' me you're toxic? Dangerous head slippin' Addicted lips poison Come feel toxic Taste it Do you wear your sip Spinnin' took addicted toxic Paradise Paradise warning Devil's high lips Baby It's Slowly You're that guy A toxic
Like back like One now up You drinking Talk thinking Now made end We didn't don't Me, me coffee like me, me The wake The feel Never laughs Since the remembering Look for some gum Meet the call June head drinking You don't take Laying back Talk again made one So feel was go feel Was why feel? One me Look one, feel look Take June about summertime I like drinking Sleeping It made juice Made we Drinking car The grass laughs Happened now Feel life chewing you Since the remembering Look for some gum
It's up if out Never out Erotic feels delirious You hang and get go Up exotic scream and in front Time to shout "Life" Don't scream Go going, it's back go Life time serious Time everybody, time Mirror Chico, take all you can Go take serious nothing time Get life, remember bad Don't smile, get delirious Face don't realise You fantasise party serious Shake like delirious It's sometimes better hypnotic
Have me smile Open your face down Don't feel clear Shine Let coming change figure Surprise yourself All matters stop when trying good eyes Hard anticipation Come out demons Everything round hole Health pushing Show light Star time Shine Shine Shine Shine
Would I love you good? For mercy Playing games, morals me? Don't release you Begging, this begging Need my release "What spell" I said Why mercy begging man? True knew knees You got under me You release me, begging, begging Hand release Why you? Now you won't Better mercy Down it Under release Just got you begging Stop begging I'm me Understand Think mercy Take me
Mama whatever! Gopher king, beautiful swagger Just dance round jewellery Control my fans You women bottles Fade watchin', move spendin' No right rubber Got money nothin' When spin down go castles Watch belong head top You down head Get ballin' money Stoppin' down you found Roll the spin at the go down Down my bank you go No dirty paid spin go go go People from maximum You throwin' round right round Right on be right She of Platinum Go pockets Go right down up roll Goodie down cotty control You makin' down found When round of wage mind That down man down drink Benjamin mouth my grands It's the beautiful go You down pole head Damn money It's Cajun places It's my Somebody got me down Me nothin' You right blazin' round top walk No touchin' homies Gun out My down models Money asses Hop head patron She go closer?
Morning king Bring the track We walk my clothes The on man. Rain tonight down South Let’s bet. Cards never fly Hello light. A celebration We hit mum Fester. My tomorrow nobody Extraordinary heart. Let it pour star cars Come gazing to stars I’m a hit. Used necklace for toast kicks We branch bigger Glass laying baby Let the Concord Cards rain, raving Won’t it audio Prince? Wild drive. We say this We ain’t home until we walk Visual collection Fresher rain, more celebration You good? Drama shocks my uncle Disturbing. Apologise Check bulbs Crazy women go out alone I’ve a DJ groupie I have her child now
Mind sometimes Someone yesterday The married I like best Nothing of summer compares Uninvited hide Find hate Nothing from you now We couldn't sometimes Haze face Never fight I'll Never But the never lasts Born said instead Guess in two The don't like Things, hurts It found the it I'll remember I remember shy? My time I beg sometimes You love Lasts light nothing Instead hurts The hate fight worries You remember girl Memories remember blue I surprise Blue love dreams the uninvited Regrets forget mistakes Settled time I'll stay Glory hoped it bittersweet
Hung somebody Records somebody Somebody always I say nothing But didn't I? Now number stranger Lonely Rough No you Believing friends But you collect the used Resignation Reading somebody Now me When I stoop Stranger company I end you But you don't low I so right Live ache treat So every happened Times know sense Somebody know nothing Admit even change
Wanna fight? My, my it's trying Easy mystery See the mirror space Once promise Lose you Reflections face Love my back Hand can't promise You're a right feel Show me anyone Figured looking back Always in staring love I'm you, merely looking Aren't you bigger? Half that baby Bigger in vacancy Strong baby assembled Hold shine Gotta hand fight Look, glare back I back now You're my soul Tell my song Yesterday parallel Goodbye easy life Baby of bigger You hold staring soul mirror Reflect my reflections Reflect reflection Like everything glass Half is reflection
Warmth My above My stay Touch to my with my My up warmth My close touch close Warmth with above My made my My touch My above close Baby love Love warmth Stay the warmth of touch Love touch close Touch warmth Baby above Up above with my baby
A test control Let oh wanna wanna I let courage oh oh Down had don’t I wait let cover cover Was on oh under Wait let Oh Oh Watching let oh Hold being go courage Go to myself feel oh They chest and like So go got me name Let’s like let Don’t and Let go Let’s let control Don’t remember Down break how oh Let I've like so oh All tonight to from oh Out to go feel, I Oh oh You was your lose oh Oh compromised fight caught I have to test tonight Take and cut oh everything Leave high Let feel me me to to And under you it don’t, don’t I’ve another oh me I go oh Oh to I go lose a behind everything You take tonight To me keep admission And dreamed go keep Go wanna go high Light let that dreamed Go try compromised No oh, love was go you’ve of go I control fight king
Quicker children Wrote twenty Seven seeking Go was bigger Big drinking years Old boys stories Daddy woman Stories, years, herb years Rich failure Smoking liquor Never pushing Smallest sing Soon twenty, still me Old limits Leave thought Sixty learning seven Cold old years Soon my story glory Always sixty, my sorry Roaming years Steady me I'm learning better Once lonely for a world I really remember voices Warm big life Eleven years Before writing songs Lonely sun morning I was me, sixty burning, warm
I like jukebox We give trust Follow a handmade van Just body follow I smell a mind singing Falling sour, I'm okay We push table love Bed sheets do something We talk New taxi smell Crazy magnet shots Discovering thrifty love baby Falling on my room Conversation in your new body Shape drinking love Play with the love Brand lover I follow day Eat me Something was love Let's love your best First find slow like lead Driver chance that day I'll say "dance" Come pull, I'm night Push on my day Radio love I'm love with a body magnet story Body plate discovering boy Kiss club I'm discovering love on a body Push my heart mind Fill love shape body I'm over
My North got go Still for do Don’t die Someone love me different me Wishin' shit Southside Without O' Scarlett It's down bad Her a dog Sometimes I keep hard Imagine momma side God's things That know it Own trouble Plan bring and things 40 pull you things. Tell 6 On me bed Struggle They feel bad partly Shit me Bad things Wishin' me wishin' Me story fifty Might I dub it sometimes God's sorry side You brothers wishin'


As my 50th year of existence ends I bring you COLOSSUS PART TWO.

COLOSSUS is an inconceivably massive project that consists of 50 tracks all of which are 50 minutes long.

COLOSSUS PART TWO completes this project.

COLOSSUS PART ONE consists of the first 25 tracks and is also available on this site.

Parts One and Two combined are just short of 42 hours of 'music'.

The 'songs' are extreme, simple, complex, mellow, angular and often surreal adaptations of every single hit from the last 50 years that was at Number One in the UK charts on my birthday.

The music is either in the same key or with the same notes played but in a different order, backwards or inverted. Further music and notation has been added by myself. They are absolutely nothing like the originals.

Additionally, the words to the songs are formed from the lyrics to every Number One hit from the last 50 years. But with a twist.

I have adapted the lyrics by using the William Burroughs cut up method and further changed them to make some kind of structure, but they remain predominantly abstract and nonsensical.

Many thanks to all the narrators who are individually credited on the track titles.

Further thanks to all the listeners, detractors, strangers, friends, foes and all those that were cruel or kind that have faded in and out of my existence. You, in no small way have helped me create this monolith.

Another Happy Birthday to me - here's to 101.

This recording is numerologically accurate and anagrammatically active.



Andrei Tarkovsky called his art “sculpting in time,” but Stalker has the brisk pace of a Tom and Jerry cartoon compared to Andrew Liles’ new mega-album Colossus, a 50 LP box set released in digital form. Liles specializes in improving things, and Colossus is bigger and better music. Not only is it superior to other new records, it is superior to the 50 years of pop history it digests.

Last March, we premiered the first half of Liles’ audio monument to his half-century between heaven and earth: 50 tracks, 50 minutes each, one for every year since 1969. With the arrival of Part Two this month, the 42-hour opus is complete. It’s about three times the length of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, 25 times as long as The Concert for Bangladesh, or 360 times the album version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (irrefragably scrambled in Part One).

The tracks, named after the songs that topped the chart on each of Liles’ birthdays, are original compositions distantly related to the number ones that inspired them—per Liles:

The music is either in the same key or with the same notes played but in a different order, backwards or inverted. Further music and notation has been added by myself. They are absolutely nothing like the originals.

Additionally, the words to the songs are formed from the lyrics to every Number One hit from the last 50 years. But with a twist.

I have adapted the lyrics by using the William Burroughs cut up method and further changed them to make some kind of structure, but they remain predominantly abstract and nonsensical.

Part Two brings us from 1994, represented by Mariah Carey’s “Without You,” to the present, and it is here that Liles really shines, because the hits are so much worse. If you listen to the originals, Celine Dion’s abominable “My Heart Will Go On”—bad enough in 1997-‘98—sounds like a Bach concerto next to what came after: Madonna’s “American Pie,” Westlife’s “Uptown Girl,” Chico’s “It’s Chico Time.” But when pop goes low, Liles goes high. Colossus draws strength from the passage of time that saps and enfeebles the top ten, right through the irresistible one-two combination that closes the album. By the time Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots performs “Shape of You,” named after Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit, and David Tibet narrates “God’s Plan,” after Drake’s supermarket sweep of last year, you may imagine that pop music is Tom Skerritt’s character in Alien, cocooned and begging for death, and Colossus is the muscular, merciful Sigourney Weaver who sets him on fire.

There is a lesson here for despairing pop fans: dross can be transformed into solid gold! All you have to do to make an Ed Sheeran song listenable is remove all of Ed Sheeran’s contributions to it, find a better Edward to sing it, and radically rewrite the music and lyrics. Then set it on fire. You can keep the original title, no problem.


released March 11, 2019

Portrait of Andrew Liles by Davide Pepe -


all rights reserved



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Andrew Liles is a prolific solo artist, producer, remixer and sometime member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93.

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