COLOSSUS (PART ONE: 1969 - 1993)

by Andrew Liles

Name, your alone. Very you, snow. You lowly go. To talk thoughts. I, with records between burning. A Glittering look set no brandy lips. Young? Yes, millionaire Marlene Christmas. Aga thoughts. Tell that your tell. Where are my insides? Remember me stones. Forever thoughts. Desirable Napoleon wonder. Your age, you're parties. You're in Moritz, go friend. You know your look. Where do I do? On your painting can. Go realise Marie. Go inside. You remember pearls? Men say you and you. You, you. Both yes me. Your yes. Get in the rags. Married loveliness, the care won't scar. Still you touched surround clothes. Boulevard summer, your ambition. All off circles, Zizi jet. But carefully children. When? Who got go? But Picasso is alone. Vacation sip. Laugh. Body heard alone, a face. Streets rolling diamonds. Hang inside, race topless. I look by where? Yes, surround your head. I to your you? Your they. Where did you go?
Mud is born. Wandrin' eyes. A pack. Hell. Where I roam. Goodbye wandrin' dreams. I was Snow. Cry, luck from heaven. A star. Star, begin to burn. Dry born. Me, looking for a tree. I will bake under your prisoner. Heaven wheels. Home. Hell mules rollin', go wandrin'. A star made. I was born.
Baby She was baby She doin' the doin' Attack baby She beautiful Jump baby Dream baby My Lolita said dream Dream, baby dream She don't wear teeth Dream baby That stocking keeper Micromini tonight See-through toothpaste Tonight baby Been hanging back Jump baby Baby doing her best My Lolita said dream Dream, baby dream
The sorrow in you But you give just without leaving Without living Living tomorrow If the anymore way should guess that you know Evening story forget leaving I think if I smile without a face But in sorrow you smile If only you were Give your guess You can't forget anymore Forget your evening Let go Living this, I can't anymore You live just sorrow, without eyes Living always I can't live
Why should I? The don't know I no why? Don't know, it don't know Wild! Oh you don't know a evil I why mean don't why think So feel mind feel, I know Hurry time So well disgrace So it's I, I'm why Funny anymore So wild you tell Lazy noize Anymore wild No worries don't wild face Baby noize Don't say We got honey I don't mind Get dirty girls well wild and don't feel Noize
Fool said come I fell through Stood moment hand that around Go keep I died her "The pretty battle came" said wife Fiancée life crying shoulder Back and hero, back soldier Blues proud, I need a piece Raging make your ground Hillside young and street band heard She trapped the head words low The pretty head cried Looked back, waiting Volunteer started marching Blues letter fool Men behind, hang Billy was a low boys hero with soldier life She forgetting tears said "Hero" ...Don't be
Today words Simply A And you? Stop ships Spinning, come Spinning When you're a fly Down two Go through me The thousand to one Thousand words Show yourself One world running Revolving time life Launch paints All love stars places die Slowly face paint The tomorrow picture Dry end You never know... If
Oh he downtown Top love My swing I'm baby dance Oh he loves Dance he say He's love I'm he I love spinning Top Sundown Dig time baby Loves spinning He loves Baby love For minute he drop baby I dance just love Feet loves baby But yes the love He's it I love chance No love A baby dance Drop the dance Until I begins Romance dance Oh I love baby We'll love to love Night way Stop baby
Time time my da da da More da da da da da t'adore Chanson da da da hear hear chanson Chanson t'adore d'amour da da d'amour Ra da da je da chanson Ra da je da ra Each hear d'amour Chanson ra da play Ra da d'amour Chanson more da da da Chanson da da Every da heart da ra Encore da and here da Each I da d'amour Ra I time Da da Chanson I in ra
Dark master Night cruel dream Cold soul to grab me right Let me home Bad cold pine Night window hated me back Possess your cold jealousy Fight greedy you Let cold moors come Coming away lonely I fall behind me Leave your soul I'm wiley, find me It's me, so cold It's me, so cold
Not long to pieces How to welcome I Face no from I live long For love bother Just you survive As to goodbye? Strong die? Survive me How will strength fall Still walk alive Life, never free Live, lock, heart Petrified, I survive love Stay you're now upon saving You you're love find you of Did will door anymore hey lay my lovin' my think learned that will how the by I I've me with around Just the Did I on the to Weren't who's me survive turn get welcome used the stay I go I've many goodbye? you was side love space Just stupid in not should know Did be think see you I for I got I give stay break survive should all lay hey afraid live apart not 'Cause my will I've alive Just high my all hard know crumble? down Then And think survive that break as to I'd I'll me And my I person not die? for to I on no give survive And love and me tried just up broken now to my now Oh Did alive survive will Every Hey I'm grew got I'm thinking not life you door thinkin' so long your wrong I my walked I Weren't And to nights one took to new I'll all so the think to think felt feeling And love turn who many to had And I've known hey here to If I've I the now down cry I I you to I you know how made key all out survive one head now Go Oh leave to as I'd It I my I'll Hey you now I not one and spent I crumble? nights day to anymore around And you just one you be walk had you outer back someone Go turn spent expect lay as around anymore I'll lovin' go walk you're and chained got with Hey no look Oh me not mend oh like and without to with At survive crumble? to how have I so somebody will you.
But you looking beautiful, better, prettier. Beautiful the beautiful. It's really beautiful. Beautiful chemistry. You need anymore? We, we, we. Sun beautiful. He's I, he made love. Affairs, love gone. No love, We fell. We see love. Think beautiful now. Girls are really rain. You together, think me. Yes, together. Beautiful rainbow. This world, like beautiful, is gone. Don't love beautiful. So chemistry. Chemistry affairs are love. You are chemistry. We see. Together we are.
Beating hurt. I made you. Past control. I'm mean. Shivering, jealous, insecure. Pain was just hurt. I'm dreaming you hurt. I cry hurt inside. Mean love, lose, shivering. I was sorry. I'm feeling inside. Swallowing control. You didn't cry. Swallowing heart. I thought, you didn't. I mean to hurt you.
Lion jungle the Ingonyama In the lion lion The Lala mighty fear In lion darling peaceful Hush kahle lion helelemama sleeps Near lion Don't the In kahle The village Near jungle the Ixesha Don't the the lion tonight sleeps sleeps jungle jungle sleeps jungle the village The ifile sleeps the sleeps jungle ilele Ingonyama darling the Lala peaceful The the mighty Ingonyama My my the jungle the little mighty the my fear village lion jungle darling tonight village tonight darling In lion the lion the lifikile peaceful tonight sleeps The jungle the little Lala the The sleeps The my tonight the darling My sleeps The jungle the tonight the tonight lion village don't jungle the Near tonight village darling the fear tonight sleeps mighty jungle my mighty lion my tonight jungle sleeps The The The The lion sleeps sleeps lion In tonight sleeps jungle jungle village the tonight the mighty ha Ohi'mbube sleeps village tonight the In tonight the darling jungle lion In tonight In sleeps In jungle Hush the mighty jungle ilele peaceful The little In jungle the little darling The Ingonyama tonight lion my mighty Near The jungle mighty fear Thula mighty He Imbube ilele The don't.
Bright falling Listening to me tonight There's a heart Apart every tonight Powder nervous, falling Eyes now look bright Forever's fall I'm little, little love never end Eclipse terrified Holding eyes, holding apart Total heart eyes More tears coming upon time Dark tonight Sound together and together to start The tight eyes living forever time Wrong shadow making heart keg fall Nothing and every heart lonely Tonight was tight bright Hold their eyes in nothing, forever Now dark but falling, forever falling We all know little We're tonight Once all I love, Once total Start my dark life of sparks Turn of shadow Be eclipse, I'm nothing Eyes upon powder can be living Sparks of need Can you turnaround?
Software souvenir It's balloons shop red The one bag of sky Ninety fighters, the one nine Something's a something Meet from dust Think nine Just go The line hero Worry it up jet Message focusing flash High ministers with boys Hurry, we've the summer Knights tech free Eye the machine I panic. Classify war Super nine its eager sky One springs in dawn Super it Scrambling. Clarify the floating Somewhere captain president Identify money Everyone's sparks alert Air this ride Scurry of pretty decisions Here in the city, in the bells One little you Life sky go call
I spin lots Round right Like no baby Like come Like fun Arms trace arms Your sights Open me out of fun To come Right up here Spin look round Number lovin' Like on me Round baby Your little All closer Open to me Watch lovin' My love Your Watch I spin me You record my watch Open your name Bit like arms Right round here All arms You baby, You is up Your round I would know All record fun You're way round Round fun You want up? Look baby, look You're private spin
Ready? Reaction moves feeling A will A will trying reaction Lost medal Pass about need You picture sensation Talk explosion Crying, you get me over you You smother love Arms made stealing Lost middle pedestal lips Hide yielding little mark Sweet instant want Chain me away Inspiration took action Plan something Free midnight world My mystery made pleasure You taste radiation Tremble journey More middle motion Future cover find me explosion Action arms swallow salvation Little chain hold on to love
Don't own up You warm life Give again You ever my day You may harm once Lose you Those once again Again and again Once me for me Set to hear Back everything With everything, everything Just have you Free again Told me lies I know Own everything Someone sheltered you You give heart up Someone again You granted me life I cry back me life I give everything I give everything
Is lucky do lucky I with in lucky lucky sweetest love There that so lucky lucky my come so dream fantasy in lucky is dreaming's a should be should all you lucky lucky waiting Like true in should in I lucky That I should lucky love love with keep faking I so my with I you be me sensation go all do I my of The would I in I together To I should Like believe should I'm situation on should It's But I I so love they'd crazy they'd lucky all There lucky should The in come no be I'm heart hand be We so I lucky a lucky lucky love so You always should mine be lucky loving me love I close is dreaming be I you're I hand should should can't be dreaming me lucky be so be all Lucky celebration lucky me hesitation If I you'll fell lucky so lucky do lucky If I'm I to imagination only There And hesitation in running I hand come be only lucky in you in in in make walk lucky lucky lucky one I mine dreaming's a mind in you I'm should with That I you I could you're I In And breaking You In only so I I with the should I should walk in dreaming lucky Lucky If I only love lucky together be I Like Lucky imagination I'm day time so complication so lucky would so they'd I I so lucky so with My my lucky love In so my I be so you We about so I be come But in hand I'm love so imagination should lucky so I me lucky I true be I lucky you no dreaming's notice lucky I it's no be Because Thinking I all be give true should love If But is be be love In so love.
Only me. Reasons. It's night. You're one in hearts. Leave, leave, I'll leave. Reason, reasons. Last feeling. I'll walk. Emotional reach. Many stay stronger. Full soul. I'll reason. I'll hurt. So you said "Be me". Dreams need reason. You're somehow away. You're away. I'll fight lonely. Leaving only you. Give broken reasons.
Friends. Don't be good. Together you're me. Be that good loser. Don't do chances. Tie people to me. You be good, crazy, mine. Talk, telling, calling. Just about morning. What to be? Always be me. See, your reputation may care. To just feel. Listen. People change. You care already. You talk chance. Always losers together. Other things wasting. Nothing. Just be.
Well Should I? I double Mine, me, now! Will! It's you I'll know Stay and go Go and stay Next! Black knees Time or tease Let go Stay now You're back I got trouble Should I go?
Understand cries wearing world Pray with the floor You'll hear "Don't stay" Break is escape You'd beg anywhere Don't pray in the thin world The wake world Think me darkness Thinking in dreams between me Try your spell in silence Night room better go Pride chains sleep Break is escape You'd beg anywhere Don't pray in the thin world
High techno sky Check the valley We want up Deep limit and maintain I'm cash You feel limits Hear what? Reach deep No me No sound Hear sky No, no Reach for no ears Sky deep Fear the mountain Top me, mine Crowd fight No high road No valley floor I'm time Rhyme fight with touch I'm no Microphone mouth tick No, no, no Sell sky valley


As I enter my 50th year of existence I bring you COLOSSUS.

COLOSSUS is an inconceivably massive project that consists of 50 tracks all of which are 50 minutes long.

COLOSSUS PART ONE consists of the first 25 tracks.

COLOSSUS PART TWO completes the project and will be available on 11th March 2019, my 50th Birthday.

Parts One and Two combined will be just short of 42 hours of 'music'.

The 'songs' are extreme, simple, complex, mellow, angular and often surreal adaptations of every single hit from the last 50 years that was at Number One in the UK charts on my birthday.

The music is either in the same key or with the same notes played but in a different order, backwards or inverted. Further music and notation has been added by myself. They are absolutely nothing like the originals.

Additionally, the words to the songs are formed from the lyrics to every Number One hit from the last 50 years. But with a twist.

I have adapted the lyrics by using the William Burroughs cut up method and further changed them to make some kind of structure, but they remain predominantly abstract and nonsensical.

Many thanks to all the narrators who are individually credited on the track titles.

Further thanks to all the listeners, detractors, strangers, friends, foes and all those that were cruel or kind that have faded in and out of my existence. You, in no small way have helped me create this monolith.

Happy Birthday to me - here's to 100.

This recording is numerologically accurate and anagrammatically active.



Anyone can put out a huge output but it takes guts to maintain this high quality of hours. An epic digital box set.

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Colossus spans the sublime and the abject. There are passages of exquisite beauty, and there are parts that make your bowels cramp and your teeth hurt.

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One of the most important albums that will come out this year.

Read the full review here -

It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. It’ll change your life. Probably all three at once if you listen to Andrew Liles’ 25-hour-long Colossus Part One album... while on LSD.


released March 11, 2018

Portrait of Simone Barletta by Davide Pepe -


all rights reserved



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Andrew Liles is a prolific solo artist, producer, remixer and sometime member of Nurse With Wound and Current 93.

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